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Our educational philosophy is based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which encourages children to develop and value their multiple talents and appreciate others. We provide a variety of experiences to encourage each child to develop his or her areas of strength with support from the teachers in the child’s areas for development in order to inspire all children to reach their highest potential. With effective teaching, the Project Approach is committed to the MI theory and the school’s curriculum. In our classroom, the children always have the opportunity to engage in every step of learning. The Project Approach, which is in depth study by means of an inquiry process and hands-on experience, provides plenty of value learning experience at every stage of the learning process, including beginning, developing, and concluding a project. With support and engagement from the teachers, specialists, parents, and the community, the children have the opportunity to learn from several sources, work together, and cooperate with the other children. These opportunities promote the children’s self-confidence, happiness, and success for their future. We believe strongly that children should be given the opportunity to experience the best start to their school life and we encourage them to become creative thinkers, effective problem solvers, and to love learning, so that that they can continue to flourish throughout their school years and beyond.