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Our nursery curriculum is based on building the first steps of nurturing the children’s learning skills, including the self-help skills and the social and emotional skills that are the foundation to becoming good learners and cooperative members of society in the future. Our comfortable learning environment encourages the children to develop a good attitude towards attending school and meeting new friends and the teachers. We recommend this program for children from 2-3 years old.
1. Daily English: A fun English learning experience with British teachers.
2. Story Time and Morning Talk: The story of the day engages the children in various activities, and ensures that they concentrate and pay attention to the story and think and learn things from the story.
3. Movement and Music: This fun and creative activity encourages the children to move their bodies in rhythm with the music, songs, and lyrics. We encourage the children to participate with movement and motion to encourage creativity, independent thought, and inquiry. Through these movement activities, the children build self-esteem and strength, both physically and emotionally.
4. Creative Art: Creative art activities encourage the children to express their thinking, feelings, and ideas. They explore and experiment with colors, forms, shapes, textures, and designs. These are the best ways for children to be creative.
5. Learning Center: Children choose their learning center based on their personal interests. We offer various materials and opportunities for hands-on learning at individually appropriate levels. We create a responsive environment to promote each child’s learning and development capability in several areas including language, block building, role-playing, and a manipulative center.
6. Games: This is a fun time to promote learning and knowledge through educational toys and games. With sensitive guidance and support, the children learn new knowledge, concepts, and social skills by playing games and participating in activities both within a group and individually.