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The school requires that new student development be assessed in March and April of every academic year. Assessment at various levels will assess development in all 4 areas: physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and mental. The assessment will be organized in the form of Activities- Based Assessment, except for Kindergarten 2 and 3 where Paper- Based Assessment is used to evaluate some aspects of development. The results of the assessment will be used to further develop the children in the classroom.

LevelTuition Fee
Semester 1
Tuition Fee
Semester 2
Nursery (2 – 2.9 years)47,00046,000
K1 (2.10 – 3.9 years)47,00046,000
K2 (3.10 – 4.9 years)47,00046,000
K3 (4.10 – 5.9 years)47,00046,000

*** Only new students must pay the entrance fee. (School uniforms, sportswear, pajamas and mattresses) 7,000 baht