Children’s Assessment before entering the Program

This first time assessment helps us to learn more about the new students and provide the right start for each child. New parents will receive advice and support from an early childhood expert, psychologist and pediatrician if the child needs further assistance. We provide an activities-based assessment to Nursery and K1 children, and some of paper-based assessment for K2 and K3 students during March and April each year. The result of the assessment provide important information that help us to encourage their future development in all areas including Physical, Intellectual, emotional and social development.

Necessary Documents to Enroll

A Copy of Parent ID card
A Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate
A Copy of Residence Registration


LevelTuition Fee
Semester 1
Tuition Fee
Semester 2
Nursery (2 - 2.9 years)47,00046,000
K1 (2.10 - 3.9 years)47,00046,000
K2 (3.10 - 4.9 years)47,00046,000
K3 (4.10 - 5.9 years)47,00046,000
*** Only new student needs to pay 7,000 baht for student’s uniform and sleeping bag.  This set includes 3 school uniforms, 1 sportswear, 1 pajamas, 1 apron, 1 sleeping bag and 1 backpack.